Columbia Cove to Campbell

With wind and current in our favour for some odd reason, we race up the west coast of Vancouver Island, up around the top end, and down the Johnston Strait to Campbell River.

Almost done our circumnavigation!

Warning: This film contains subject matter that disturbed the maker.



Leaving Zeballos

We head out of Zeballos to finish circumnavigating Vancouver Island. The north end of the island is a vast, open mystery…

First stop is the friendly community of Esperanza to commence the building of what might one day be our operational diy wind vane, and then we’re off to the dotted-island place called Kyuquot.

World’s Yer Oyster

We get on the busy waters, let the spinnaker fly, release the small fry, fry up the fruits de mer, and tear down the old windows.

Make the world your own oyster with muscles and/or clams:

Boil the shellfish until they open up, and take the meat out.

Chop up fresh leek, garlic, green onions, and red peppercorns.

Saute the fresh ingredients with olive oil in a pan, adding Italian herbs, paprika, and black pepper.

A cup of white wine, then shellfish, cream, and finally fresh basil.

Serve with your choice of pasta!

Through Some Looking Glass

Enjoyment of the coming summer weather, and plans to tackle one of the main projects on Maiweh: getting a self-steering wind vane up and running. We also try out some new d.i.y. filming methods, and share more liveaboard cooking!

Cockpit Sushi Recipe:

You will need – 1 salmon – 1 cup rice – several tablespoons rice vinegar seasoning (or combine rice vinegar, sugar, and salt) – several tbsp wasabi powder – several tbsp soy sauce – 1 leek (and/or other veggies) – fresh or package seaweed – fresh water.

1. Catch one salmon.

2. Start the rice as soon as possible. Rinse/wash it thoroughly, until water runs clear.

3. Stir several tbsp of sushi seasoning (or rice vinegar, salt, and sugar) into cooling rice.

4. Mix a bit of wasabi powder with soy sauce.

5. Cut strips of cleaned leek (and/or other available vegetables such as avocado, carrots, etc).

6. Filet and cut strips of fresh salmon.

7. Have some water available to roll seaweed.

8. Spread the seasoned rice onto seaweed, as well as salmon and veggies, using a bit of water to seal the roll as you close it.

9. Cut into sushi pieces and enjoy! Dip with remainder of wasabi, hot sauce, or whatever interesting bottles of sauce that might be found in your bilge.

Parents Visit

Robinson’s smiling parents come to visit, enjoy the Zeballos lifestyle for a little while. They bring us gifts and knowledge related to getting Maiweh prepared for extended voyaging.

We spend time fishing and catching fruits from the sea. And I enjoy having three avid chefs in the house.